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New rap songs 2019

January 7, 2020

His campaign seeks funds to create a Scratch Academy in Denver (not to be confused with the Scratch DJ Academy in New York with which Rob Swift is associated) as a result of local funding cuts for music and arts programs in schools recently. Not only is this a touching endeavor, but Jesu also uses […]

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Puffin foundation artist grants

November 21, 2019

We help students take big-picture dreams and turn them into concrete goals. We see a lot of students who want to “make a living off their music” or “be a professional beat maker,” without a concrete plan or understanding of how to get there. So that’s why when the “Jello dries up,” so to speak, […]

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Fender music foundation grants

November 14, 2019

Got 10 minutes to learn about the history of the drum kit as we know it today? We talk about how individual drums, players, and genres helped the kit evolve. The Dorian mode is commonly used to solo over minor 7th chords, applicable to the ubiquitous II–7  V7  I progression, and a creative substitute, or expansion, of the minor pentatonic […]

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